Strawberry Sundae Workshop

Strawberry Sundae Workshop

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This service is only during the strawberry picking season. See you this winter!

Create Your Own Strawberry Sundae!

At Nanjo Farm, we hold Chura Ichigo Strawberry Sundae workshop in weekends/ holidays. You can create your own strawberry sundae with our fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, ice cream and other sweets.

  • The menu of workshop might change, depending on the seasons.
  • The workshop shall be held only in specific dates such as holidays. Please check Nanjo farm calendar.
  • The workshop includes, but not limited to, cutting strawberries. As the cooking space is limited, up to 2~3 persons can make the strawberry sundae per one glass. Other customers can wait in the eating space.
  • Please note that the workshop is not buffet. Once customers finish making a sundae, no more topping/ strawberry can be added to the glass.